Who owns digital signage business?

digitalsignageIt is a common belief that the digital signage business is owned by the companies operating the digital signage networks. However a core business analysis would make it evident that it is not the operators who own the business, but it is the Premises Owners, who showcase the digital signages at their premises, who are the true owners of the digital signage business. Not only do the Premises Owners own the business but they are the most significant contributors to the digital signage business.

Here’s how… The very essence of advertising is to bring a product closer to the customers. For any advertising media it is the customers, i.e. ‘the viewers’, who are the most crucial entity of the business. In case of Digital Signage the viewers are the patrons at a premise, such as a café, a mall, a movie plaza, a restaurant, a shopping store or any other location where digital signages are installed. And what brings the patrons to these locations is the goods & services the premises owners have to offer them. Eventually it is the Premises owners who are the key players in the digital signage business as they are the ones who attract patrons, ‘the viewers’, to their premises and enable digital signage to expose various brands, products and services to these patrons.

Typically the network operators have been benefiting from the efforts & investments of the Premises Owners. Premises Owners invest on real estate and spend handsomely on the aesthetics of their premises to attract the patrons and to make their patrons’ overall experience more enjoyable. The operators install Digital Signages at these premises and they earn generously while paying nominal rental to the premises owners. As the premises business grows and has a higher number of patrons, the ads displayed on the signages at such locations would be sold at a premium cost and the benefits go directly to the operator. While the Premises Owners continue to receive the same nominal rent for the signages.

Digital Signage is the Premises Owners’ business, the digital signages are installed at their premises and the viewers of the medium are their patrons. It is the Premises Owners who own the business and they should be most benefited by this medium. As the premise has a higher footfall and the Ads on the signages at such premise are sold at a premium, the premises owners should earn higher revenue. The network operators should only facilitate the effective operation of the digital signages and should acknowledge the significance of the premises owners in the digital signage business.

AdBrand understands the importance of the Premises Owners and their contribution to the digital signage medium. AdBrand offers only to facilitate the digital signage business and operates on a business model that allows the Premises Owners to own the business and to take the maximum benefit from this unique medium with high revenue potential.

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