Regular Vs Engineered Displays in Digital Signage

Most Digital Signage Networks conveniently use regular LCD TVs for displaying Ads. However they tend to ignore the fact that regular LCD TVs are not designed for digital signage i.e. displaying of Ads at public places. They are good when they are placed indoors at premises with modest floor area. But regular LCD & plasma displays are not a good option for large premises such as shopping Malls, even if they are placed indoors.

Here’s why… The viewing angle of an LCD is narrower than a CRT or Plasma Display therefore the number of people who can conveniently view is limited. Which means it is very important that an LCD is placed effectively for its viewers to get a clear picture of what’s being shown on the screen. Most LCDs at large premises are usually placed at a height of about 10 feet or above from ground level so as the patrons get closer the visibility is compromised.

Another core issue with LCDs is reflection & glare. Although most LCDs have matte plastic screens, which usually reflect less light, when under a direct light source the glare is pretty evident. And if the LCD is placed outside under direct sun light or someplace with abundant sun light, such as the lobby entrance at a mall, the picture brightness is reduced, the clarity & sharpness is lost and the picture has a “dull” effect. With Plasmas the reflection and glare is even more prevalent as they use glass screens that reflect lots of light. Regardless of these issues conventional networks continue to use regular LCDs & plasmas for digital signage, ignoring the affect it has on causing the advertisers to loose their confidence in the media.

To maintain the advertisers’ confidence in digital signage and to provide a convenient viewing experience to the patrons, AdBrand uses specially engineered displays at large premises with huge floor area and a high footfall. These displays have greater viewing angle than regular displays and the patrons can easily view the image on such screens even from a sharp angle.

The displays have specially designed anti-glare & anti-reflection screens that are so effective that the clarity of the visuals remain intact, even when under direct focus of a 1000 watt halogen bulb. The displays can be placed outdoors directly under the sun light and still the brightness, clarity & the original quality of the visuals remain as is. Furthermore these engineered displays have faster response time that overcomes issues such as “ghosting” and “mixing”, caused due to retained pixel charge, when the visuals change rapidly.

Most importantly these displays have a unique appeal on its audience, who are essentially urban crowd. While conventional networks use normal LCDs & Plasmas, which are actually normal televisions that do not have an aesthetic appeal as a signage device on its viewers, AdBrand uses engineered displays with equalized border frame. This sleek design lets the audience differentiate between a regular TV & digital signage that advertises their favorite brands.

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