Go Eco Friendly – Choose Digital Signage

eco-friendToday we live in a world where being environmental friendly does not just remain an option but is increasingly becoming a principle to be accepted and followed by everyone. Governments and businesses across the world are making efforts to reduce the toxic greenhouse gases harmful to the environment, by adopting alternative energy sources, alternative fuel systems, switching to renewable power and by evolving alternative means & technology to minimize the pollution and its impact on the global ecosystems.

Industries are essential for development and improving living standards. Advertising industry contributes immensely in economic development. However certain forms of advertising media adversely impact the environment because of the materials used for advertising. Newspaper, Magazines, banner and poster advertising media comprise of almost 54% of Advertising Industry and ironically they are the most non-eco friendly Advertising medium.

Print advertising is essentially through the use of paper. The logging of trees, using of chemicals (sulphurous acid / limestone) in producing pulp and using gallons of fresh water in processing the pulp to produce paper, has huge impact on plant & animal ecosystems and causes wastage of fresh water natural resource. Furthermore, cutting, printing, packaging, shipping and recycling requires excessive amount of power & energy, resulting in large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, leaving a huge carbon footprint.

Banner & poster advertising uses materials such as Vinyl Banners, foam/gator boards, PVC and coroplast which are applied with chemical coatings for weather protection and use chemical based color agents for printing. These materials are hard to decompose and require strict guidelines for recycling, which is not followed by most PVC & Vinyl industries. Even during the recycling process, when the material is burned it produces extremely hazardous substances (hydrogen chloride gas and dioxin) causing chronic health hazards and produces 100 different toxic compounds that adversely affect the environment.

Advertising is important. For eco-conscious advertisers it is a fight between harmful impact to the nature vs. exposure and generating brand awareness. Conventionally Advertisers had no choice but to choose banner / poster / wall paper printing for outdoor advertising, which are harmful to our eco-system. But today, through technology innovations and with public acceptance, Digital Signage has emerged as a promising eco-friendly advertising medium for out of home advertising.

Digital Signage is an electronic medium, where the ad content is in digital format, hence it has a much lesser carbon footprint compared to print & banner media in terms of the material used for advertising. Although Digital Signage is eco friendly, traditional approach of digital signage advertising requires human intervention & transportation which results in vehicular pollution. As in traditional approach, the Ad media is required to be manually changed on the screens by field agents. All the traveling by the agents adds up to fuel consumption & environmental pollution. The impact is substantial when we consider the amount of traveling required to manually change the Ad content across thousands of screens everyday.

AdBrand, through its technology has revolutionized the Digital Signage Advertising by creating an ONLINE digital signage platform, making Digital Signage easier, less human depended and more Eco friendly. The Ad campaign management and even the screen management is online over the Internet which eradicates the need for manual ad content management, there by there is no wastage of fuel in transportation & no cause for pollution. Our work culture & policies are also framed to contribute in reducing pollution. The LCDs supplied by us have metal chassis instead of plastic or fiber, we hardly use paper at work, as a policy we extend business proposals, rate cards, etc in electronic formats, and even our business cards are made of recycled paper. In advertising world we aspire to be the most eco friendly media providers and wish to offer an eco friendly advertising medium to the Advertisers and contribute in protecting our eco systems.

Ecological and environmental awakening is the key for contributing in reducing the pollution around us and to save our planet. Thousands of tons of poster, banner and printed paper materials are discarded everyday, disturbing our eco system. Compared to these outdoor media AdBrand Digital Signage is highly eco friendly and offers bigger advantage of having the ability to influence the customers buying decision at the point of sale. AdBrand’s Online Digital Signage Platform makes digital signage advertising eco friendly and a cost effective & performance driven out of home advertising medium. Go eco-friendly, choose Digital Signage Advertising and support the cause to protect our planet.

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